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ThingsHeatUp by rosariocentralplz
DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphicsPC Gamer
I'm from America by Iloveyoukisshu
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Been a gamer since 2005. >.>
Favorite Video Game Genre: First-Person Shooter
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Race: Asian (Hmong/Hmoob)
Zodiac Signs (derp): Virgo, Earth Snake
Top 10 Anime: Hetalia, Fairy Tail, Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan, Bleach, Freezing, Ouran High School Host Club, Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, Witchblade


My communication is poor. :I I have a learning disability, deal with it.

Anti-Yaoi and Yuri -Stamp- by AlykatEeshaNot a Yaoi or Yuri fan stamp by sonic2344 I've been in the Yaoi fandom only for a year or two. Stuff got out of hand, so I started disliking it and left. People change, da. Yaoi Stamp by Muai
I don't ship, so done with it long ago, but I don't care, I still find some pairings cute.
Shipping Freedom Stamp by Konata101Shipping Stamp - Don't Care by AndyWasHere
Stamp: Respect by JammerleeI respect everyone's opinion. Opinion stamp by ILTBYLove/Hate by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me
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Halo PC- Hetalia, Shini (or Shinigami), Dummkophe, NationTan, AlfredJones
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Origin: SkyHetalian
Trickster Online: (Past) Frieya (Primadonna), SwedenKun (Gladiator), AmericaKun (Gambler)
Project Blackout: Frieya (if i remember it correctly..*it's been awhile*)
[Stamp] I Love F.A.C.E. by CabaiHitam[Stamp] I Love The Allied Forces [?] by CabaiHitam[Stamp] I Love The Nordics by CabaiHitam[Stamp] I Love The Axis [?] by CabaiHitam
Destiny Hunter Stamp by sheiku92Destiny Titan Stamp by sheiku92Destiny Warlock Stamp by sheiku92Destiny Stamp by sheiku92Titanfall Stamp 02 by ZangRapAPHConfession: There are not the same by StampillaDiChocolatHetalia The Beautiful World (Logo Stamp) by World-Wide-ShippingBattlefield 4 Stamp gif by SpectreSinistreRed Alert 2 Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxC and C RA Allies by Rattler20200Hetalia Pairing stamp by Madninja2500APH Brotherly love - North American version by Tea-Strawberry.:Pledge of Allegiance:. by QueenOfPrussiaEren Jaeger Stamp II by KyoichiiAttack On Titan Stamp: Sasha Barus by wow1076Trickster Online Stamp by WolfTwilightlearning other languages stamp by DejiNyucuShy Stamp by Neko-MusumeGreat Pikachu stamp by salanchuGirl Gamer Stamp by EisoptrophobicNew Zealand stamp by Tea-StrawberryGirl Gamer by StampedesI'm a Gamer by distantShadeGamer Stamp by Tsiki10Welcome to Nuketown by Coley-sXeAPH Anti the Holic -England 2 by ParamourxLightsAPH Anti the Holic -America 3 by ParamourxLightsAPH stamp: They may represent countries but... by ParamourxLightsAPH: I love Arthur Stamp by ChibikaedeMake Pasta Not War stamp. by UnstableTableAPH: I love Australia Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Peter Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Francis Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Matthew Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: I love Alfred Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: Allies Stamp by ChibikaedeAPH: Axis Stamp by ChibikaedeHetalia Nordics Stamp by AkiraNoruSealand-Nation Stamp by AquaKacheekcomputer stamp by Kataang-furubaSniper + Collar by ZhouTaisDayOffMedic Stamp by ViggObscureStamp- TF2: Meet the Red Team by anime-dragon-tamerStamp- TF2: Oh, Scout... by anime-dragon-tamerI Love Reznov by Coley-sXeGMOD is art. by SupaSoldierHuntsman Stamp by SupaSoldierGentlemen. by SupaSoldiergirl gamers stamp by thechaosprojectTF2 Engineer Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4nTF2 Spy Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4nHetalia Fan by dragon-sigmaMarukaite Chikyuu by dragon-sigmaMake Pasta Not War by dragon-sigmahetalia stamp by adventuregirl101Support Sealand Stamp by TOXiC-ToOtHpAsTeHetalia Anti-Hate Stamp by InsertNamesHere-.-Matthew Stamp-.- by VenomousViper3oHetaoni stamp by veronica-the-foxFandumb isn't always the case by endlerCanada Stamp~ by SweetlyCanadaEngland Stamp~ by SweetlyCanadaFrance Stamp~ by SweetlyCanadaAmerica Stamp~ by SweetlyCanadaReally, Fandumb Seriously Isn't Always It by endlerAn Actual Pro Fandom Stamp by endlerSorry I'm Late stamp by NemonusFrag or Sticky Stamp by ashleywhttkrPS3 by Stamp-CreatorRvB Caboose Best Friend Stamp by Celestial-BiohazardRvB Swish Swish Stab by Celestial-BiohazardYeah thats right by IshdakittyHalo Stamp by darkdisciple-stampsI Love Soap by Coley-sXeI Love Ghost by Coley-sXeDelta Stamp by Coley-sXeSOG stamp by Coley-sXeTask Force 141 Stamp by Coley-sXeTF2 Stamp: SPY CHECK by anime-dragon-tamerCS Source Player by WearwolfaaStamp: I Support ART by WearwolfaaHouse Music Lives by WearwolfaaThe World Stamp by WearwolfaaHouse Music Stamp by WearwolfaaCall of Duty: Black Ops by ZangRapI Hate Campers by Finalrobo101I play Team Fortress Stamp by AkhrranaTF2 RED Team Stamp by SupaSoldierBLU Team Stamp by SupaSoldierSteam Stamp by badtraneTF2 Classes Stamp by DancingEngieI Love Valve by LocouI Have Met The Pyro by DragaraCall Me Maybe by KamichiKunStamp is a spy by CornebusEDM Stamp by Twilight-KiyokoNot all electronica is techno. by vanillachunderHardstyle Stamp by artFETISHI Love Jumpstyle - Stamp by EternalskyyHetalia is NOT Racist by DragonsPeak30Not a weeaboo stamp by RhoeyTomboyish Stamp by xSweetSlayerxForeign Music by genkistampsKEEP CALM. and throw Barrels by VAL0VEHalo And CoD Stamp by KziiraBleep Bloop by pizzapantsJust a Nobody by conniekiddHarvest Moon Fan by ClefairyKidAwkward Moments for Sims by Starlow-FTWDA Stamp - Sexualities are not by phantompantherCardtalia Stamp by MaddenWolfHate When My Computer Freezes by fear-the-brilliance2p Canada Stamp by Katttty9202p England Stamp by Katttty9202p America Stamp by Katttty920Reader-Inserts Stamp by FearlessLullabyUniform Fetish by coffinberry:STAMP: Platonic UK + US by hyoutasI support gay rights by jlu650Support Love by Kohaku0827Anime Stamp by ShadowKantu19Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by n-oodleNo One's Perfect Stamp by Hunter-ArkamanI don't know you enough. by PrincessFlawWii Fit Trainer by MarlenesstampsLu Xun fan stamp DW 6 by fullmetalkittnZhou Yu fan stamp DW 6 by fullmetalkittnZhao Yun fan stamp DW 6 by fullmetalkittnDynasty Warriors:: Wu Stamp by DancesWithFoxesDynasty Warriors:: Shu Stamp by DancesWithFoxesSun Shangxiang Stamp by ginacartoonYue Ying Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996Liu Bei Stamp by BeforeIDecay1996Gan Ning Fan stamp DW 6 by fullmetalkittnCao Pi Stamp by ElzamineHetalia ate my BRAIN stamp by natersalHidekaz Himaruya Fan Stamp by pary16FACE Family by ChokorettoMilkuLevi/Rivaille Stamp by Nabiryi
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I know I haven't been finishing the stuff that I supposed to long time ago and I'm very sorry.... D:
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Sarah Palmer and Yao Wang by Shinigami-Spartan
Sarah Palmer and Yao Wang
Happy Chinese New Year.

Commander Sarah Palmer- Skaa3w
Yao Wang/China- Roco

Stage- Siro208
Sky dome- JP_Orca
MME- Serious Shader
:iconsexychinaplz: (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Sarah Palmer (c) 343 Industries
Chapter 2: Children of the Countries

"Maman, papa, where are you...?" The little girl with [hair color] hair and [eye color] eyes wimpered.

Eternal darkness surrounds her. The only sound that she could hear was herself, echoing into the eternal darkness.


Voices call out for her.

"Mommy? Daddy?"

The young child wiped her eyes of tears and looks around to find the direction where the sound is coming from.


As she finds the direction where the sound coming from, she ran towards it.

"(Name)!" The voices call out for her to come to them.

(Name) ran towards it until she stops in behind of a seven feet gray-ish brown being, who stands on its toes, unknown to her. This being was wearing a gold armor, as it turns around and looks down at her, its quadruple-hinged mandibles mouth opens and growled at her.

She stood frozen as the being comes towards her and it took out an object. Blue light flashes on both sides of the object making it look like blades. The being brought its blades up slowly and then brought down towards (Name). (Name) couldn’t scream until a bullet came flying pass her and hitting the being right in its head, sending it flying back and hitting the ground.

The darkness starts to fade as the orbs start to come out of the ground showing a little of light. (Name) looked behind her where the bullet came from and saw a black Spartan in LOCUS armor with a red maple leaf as an emblem on his left shoulder, white leaves circling on his upper right, and a white ‘X’ on his helmet, arm holding a sniper rifle. The Spartan put his weapon down and walked towards (Name). As he got in front of her, he drop down to her height and held his hand out to her.

(Name) look at the Spartan curiously, she doesn’t know if she should grab the Spartan’s hand.

There was no sound from the Spartan but he nods towards her, telling her that it was okay. So she grabbed his hand and the wind blew towards them as more orbs came out of the ground and everything went white.

(Name) woke up with the sunlight flashing to her face and blocked it with her hand.
As she got up, she thought about the dream being so weird because of the Elite and the mysterious LOCUS Spartan but she let it slide. She walked into the bathroom and stared at herself on the mirror. Short (hair color) hair and blue eyes, scars on her left cheek, lips, and arms showed her the years she has been on the battlefield.

As (Name) left the armory of the Spartan Training Facility of Kirkland, Washington, United States of America, she went to meet with the AI, the Doctor, who she arranged an appointment to meet up with.
As she knocked the door to the room where the Doctor was.

“You may enter.”

(Name) entered the room, the Doctor was on the table and he had his hands behind his back while scanning the hologram information above him. He looked behind him.

“Hello Spartan, is there something you want to talk about?” The Doctor questioned her.

“Yes, if possible, I want you hack into the UNSC’s system if there are any remaining information about me. I want to know who I am before I came into the SPARTAN-II program.” (Name) answered.

The Doctor points at (Name), “Ahead of you, (Name)! I found something that they forgot to delete.” He then pulls up information about her.

“If Admiral Osman sees me doing this… She’s not going to like it…” The Doctor laughs nervously. “But who cares anyway! The officials hid too many secrets from us anyway!” He threw his hands up while laughing but he suddenly froze, “…Or shall it be General Kirkland, who will lecture me- but anyway, forget about that. I’ve found some interesting stuff about you, (Name).” He brings the information towards (Name), “You were born on (birth month and day), 2511 on this planet in the city of Ottawa in the province of Ontario in the country of Canada.” The Doctor explained.

“HOWEVER, the most interesting thing I found is that you, my cousin-that-I’ve-never-met-before, are related to a country. The relation of that country is father, your father is the personification of Canada, General Matthew Williams.” The Doctor smiled at (Name) proudly.

(Name) doesn’t seem too surprised about the news but she felt happy inside but something struck her.

‘Wait… Did he just say cousin?’ (Name) tried to register what he had said.

“Cousin?” (Name) questioned him.

“We are indeed cousins; however, I’m just a fragment of George Kirkland, son of General Arthur Kirkland. An AI made from his brain, I have some of his memories but we are, indeed, cousins, you can say. This is the form I took on as when I was born and the name that was given to me also.” The Doctor explained.

“Is there a reason why Dr. Halsey chose me to take part in the SPARTAN program?”

“Yes, it is because of your strength and speed because you have the blood of a nation personification flowing in you and out of all the decedents, you were the only one that seem acceptable to them.”


“The children of nations have unique abilities that surpasses of that of a normal human being since birth. Those abilities flow in the bloodline, if they’re trained well; however, the children themselves maybe are half or part human, depends on who, but they’re actually not, they’re 100% humans.”
Hidden Within UNSC [Chapter 2]
I apologize for the 2-year wait for this. I have trouble with thinking. My grammar is not the greatest, along with my explanation towards the end. I don't want Reader to sound like "she's better than Master Chief (or other Spartans like Linda or Kelly)." It's just- no.

Previous: Hidden Within UNSC [Chp 1]
Next: Coming Soon
Story (c) :iconshinigami-spartan:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:    
Halo (c) Bungie, 343 Industries
English Hardstyle by Shinigami-Spartan
English Hardstyle
Englands shuffling and jumpstyling (minus the chibis and mochi).

I'm not good when it comes to dress physics.

England models
Nyotalia- 2pc
Navy (black) (Idk if Navy or other branch), Sailor, Pirate, Suit, Gakuen- JP_Orca
Chibi Angel, 2D- mkmk_no_hito
WWII (regular)- MAKIGANE
Chibi- from what I got from the 'read me,' it's snb
Mochi- Olympiii
Navy (white)- Rui

MME- Soft Light HL Shader

All brushes belong to their rightful owner.
:iconarthurkirklandplz::iconfemenglandplz: (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

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